Portland Farms: What's to love this May

When the sun comes out earlier, stays out longer, the Maine ground starts to thaw, everything is yawning and stretching and unfurling and feeling ready for summer .. and what is the best part? The return of farmers markets and an abundance of fresh, local food, of course! At Portland Pulp we are passionate about supporting local farmers. Why, you ask?

1. LOCAL is BETTER than ORGANIC - tired of paying such high prices for organic produce at the store (sometimes double of what the conventional costs) because you care about what goes into your body? Maintaining a "USDA Certified Organic" farm is expensive, which is why they charge those spendy prices for their products. However, even USDA certified organic farms are allowed to use "organic fertilizers + pesticides" (made of questionable ingredients) and may be growing in soil that is depleted of good vitamins & minerals - so even though their produce is "clean", it's not very nutritious. When you buy from a local farmer, you usually have the ability to talk to the farmer directly. You can ask him what he uses for fertilizers & pesticides, and how often they spray. He might even be able to answer your questions about the mineral content of the soil his crops are grown in (and if it's a small family-run operation, you can pretty much guarantee that soil quality is much better than a giant commercial farming operation). In fact, you'll find out many local farms qualify for that "organic" certification but just choose not to pay for it. The end result: local food from small farms usually actually has HIGHER NUTRIENT CONTENT than organic produce from large commercial farms!

2. Less than 1% of the population in America are farmers - and we need them! The more we support small farming as an industry, and the less dependent we are on large commercial farms for all of our food, the better we will all be in the long run, in being able to access fresh, healthy, and yummy fruits + vegetables.

3. Local produce allows us to EAT WITH THE SEASONS - which is healthier for our bodies! Why do we crave citrus in the spring, greens in the summer, and potatoes in the winter? Evolution programmed our bodies to function at their best eating these different foods that come with the different seasons. Since we can now go to the store and get virtually any food, from any nation, at any time of year, we've strayed away from that - and it's evidenced in how our bodies sometimes get confused & don't feel so great. Give your body a little TLC and eat what's growing seasonally in your geographic area as much as possible.

Some of the local farms we are excited to be working with to get fresh, local produce straight into your smoothies, juices, and salads:



TWO FARMERS FARM - Scarborough, ME


... and more!

Here are some of the ingredients in-season in June that you can look forward to seeing on our menu (and hit the farmers markets to stock up for yourself)!










.. and way more!

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